World Health and Beauty Products Co., Ltd. is the distributor of prime health and beauty care products extracted from animal placenta (Placenta) for Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. (JBP), which is a leading Japanese research, production and distribution company of Placenta Extracts.

Animal placenta is crucially important in the formation of living cells and enables embryos to grow fully. It is a rich source of vital nutrients such as proteins and amino acids. In the distant past Hippocrates, who was an ancient Greek doctor known as “The Father Of Western Medicine”, used animal placenta to treat his patients. Qin Shi Huang also regularly drank animal placenta as an elixir. Pertinent historical records show conclusively that animal placenta was also used in the beauty care by Cleopatra, who was the Queen of the Kingdom of Egypt, and by Yang Qin Qi of the Qin Dynasty of China (also known as “Yáng Guìfēi”). Famous consumers of animal placenta further included Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. These famous individuals all used animal placenta as an essential part of their health and beauty treatments.
Health and beauty tips on the proper application of animal placenta have been passed on from generation to generation until the present. Placenta has now been developed for use in the food supplement industry to help nourish the internal organs of the body, and make the body stronger overall. It is currently commonly used to treat menopause symptoms, to balance hormones and enhance immunity; to stimulate blood circulation and build muscle mass. It is also extremely popular in the cosmetic and beauty fields due to the fact that placenta stimulates collagen production under the skin helps to restore skin to be firmer, more radiant, and markedly softer while reducing the occurrence of wrinkles, thereby causing the skin to obtain a natural moistness and brightness. This is exactly the reason why numerous people firmly believe that animal placenta products can help “return youthful looks” time and again.

They have had the sublime foresight that it is high time for Thais to have a chance to use animal placenta products to take good care of their health from the inside to the outside by providing prime nourishment to their skin to always look radiant because having a healthy body is important aspect that affects the quality of life. In addition, the founding team and executives have over ten years of direct experience in the effective use of animal placenta products to better take care of both skin and overall health to reach the next level in skin and health care. As a direct consequence of the founders’ success, we wish to pass on good things to those who truly love their health. We are ready to be the ultimate intermediary in delivering advanced health and beauty care products manufactured from animal placenta to all Thais based on our confidence in the potential of ‘Animal placenta products’ – the key to excellent health and natural beauty restoration.